domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009

Trench Warfare

Well, the comm-ents for the previous photograph were very enthusiastic, positive and based on the pride of defending one's Motherland/Fatherland. People felt that way but then imagine four years fighting on the trenches.

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  1. woooow veery nice... where you find the images..?? i su`pposed it isn't easy... and by the way.... where are these photos taken i mean where are them, the trench?

  2. Thanks a lot Dany,
    Dany now with google images you can find hundreds of images.

  3. well I sopuse that now, life with google is easy. I really like learning about this things I enjoy today's class about war, trenches so interesting.
    ill see if i comment your new photos...
    bye :)

  4. google is called by hackers as "saint google". but, getting into the great war i have to ask if the second photo was took after a down off of a tunel or after a boomb?