martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

Terribly Beautiful

Maybe this image can transmit the idea some historians have. The Great War started as something completely different to today's idea of war. Look at the man, I wonder what he thinks, the day is ending and nature does not care if humans are involved in a war; the sun will dissappear in a terribly beautiful sunset. Is the man admiring it? Is he thinking about human brutality? who knows.

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  1. i haven't get impresionated of those way of thinking, i belive or think, that in those times people thing in the war like the most wonderful way of diying, maybe they don't know how the war was, but we can think on countries that has a similar idea. we can put as example the united states of america were still now diying in name of america is a totaly honor for many people.

    althog this coment i has make, the image don't stop being a mix of beauty and horror

  2. yees i am totally with you dany, i suposed that in that ages, diying in war defending what is yours, defending your country, your family, all your possesions was the best way of diying. thats why manuel tell us today in class that in the last photo the one of army taking people, and those persons were happy, is that people wanted to defend their country. i think is a very good way of thinking, although its hard, for me diying defending your possesions, family, COUNTRY, is understandble!
    byeee :)

  3. am Manuel sorry if i commented too much, but i find this blog interesting. but well you tell me if i comment too much :)

  4. Maby a way of die is better than other, but diying and killing is always diying and killing, ther's no change. an those people weren't going to die in name of this family, that was the lie that make them go to the war, but the truth is that they were fighting in name of people that want things with out doing nothing.

    sorry manuel, we talk too mauch.

  5. well thats what you thing...-.-
    i dont think so but...