martes, 28 de julio de 2009


The exam will consist on these questions:
*DEFINITIONS ( 4 definitions)
*CLASSIFY some jobs into their correct sector.
*CHARACTERISTICS: describing the characteristics of an ecosystem.
*CAUSES AND EFFECTS: describing the causes and the consequences of one of the problems studied this year.
*SOLUTIONS: describing some solutions people have given to the problems we studied and to farming and tourism issues.

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  1. teacher, as the causes and effects you tell us that we have a problem or write us the topic you choose.
    and point solutions do not understand it.
    thanks!! Daniel R

  2. Sorry Daniel;
    I could not see your message before. I will give you several possibilities to choose the one you prefer.
    See you tomorrow

  3. the isbn is.. 1-84085-419-7 ??
    I write in inglish wOoU jaja

  4. Wow, I got you to write in English. I think travelling to Rheine was an excellent idea, at least it was for you.